Tuesday, January 22, 2008

BLAB back in session!

Hey BLABers,

I hope everyone is settling in to the new quarter and that all of your new year's resolutions involved building better businesses for a sustainable future... :) Though there has not been an official meeting, BLAB business and activities have been evolving, including participating in a fundraiser selling the fantastic Chico Bags (featured by BLAB at the sustainability fair this past fall), with the Green Club, the Recycling Club, Net Impact (mba network), and the Environmental Studies Institute.

The sale works like a school fundraiser (i.e. students get an order form and collect money... then we turn in bulk order to Chico Bag... they ship them... and we distribute them to people who placed their orders). Each club's members work to gather orders and money by a specific date in order to submit a bulk order. When we receive the bags, each individual will be responsible for distributing them to the people who ordered them. Each club would get funds for the amount of bags they sell.
Bags sell for $5. We pay $2.50, so each sale nets $2.50 for the club.

Check out this site for more info! http://chicobag.com/Fundraise.html

The logistics will be announced as they develop, but for the meanwhile, email me if you are interested in helping sell these great bags and we can get order forms into your hands in the next few weeks! Order forms will also be available for pick-up at our next meeting, yet to be determined.

Questions? Comments? Really want a meeting to happen ASAP because you have some really great ideas or want to take over the club next year?

Contact Me!
Kate Peabody