Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Hey BLABers!
Hope everyone is feelin groovy as week four creeps through--good luck to all those who are having midterms!

This week we will be having our BLAB meeting at 6:00 in KENNEDY 108 this THURSDAY the 11th.

We will be discussing our exact plans for sustainability day and splitting up jobs to prepare--Right now the plan is to sell our KIVA tshirts and use a laptop to show students our KIVA page and those we donate to/how to donate, as well as create an expo about recycling/reusing plastic bags including where to recycle, where to get reusable bags, what businesses are reusing the bags, etc. We would also like to promote on campus plastic bag recycling/reusable bags/biodegradable plastic. We will need to make posters, fact/resource fliers, etc.

Look forward to seeing you all there and hoping that we get some new faces on this Thursday date!
Welcome all, even if you've yet to make a meeting!

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